V2 Time duration option

I think the same

6 seconds was what made Vine so great. Although there were many times Viners had to post like 3 separate Vines just to get their point across. I think maybe over 6 seconds would be fine but over like 10 seconds is way too much. I agree with @codywatkins that having it short improved people’s ability to pay attention and made it much more fun and much easier to navigate through vine without the clutter.

Yes!! i think we should have more than 6 seconds, maybe like 16 or around there

This has already been decided

I think that the choice has been 7-second videos - I may be incorrect. I would like to see possible 30 second videos as a limit. That would make V2 a better app I would say :slight_smile:

I think there should be a tab all together for longer videos and maybe even picture so people from other social media’s would get the best of both worlds (picture and videos). The tab could have its. own name like flame and other can be named by the elements but the app it self will be vine. The vine option is the original style of vines. Flame could be like a vloging style. Wind can be live videos and q and a’s. And rain can be pictures and more content like that!! I think this a cool idea of the up and coming v2 and if it is not incorporated because it will be comin our soon, it could be in future updates.

I think having 6 seconds was fine, it was what kept Vine unique