"V2 Thoughts" from YouTubers

I was watching a vlog after a long day of classes and relaxing… but I hear V2 in the video, and I just went “Wait, WHAT!!!”

Here’s the video link (it’s originally for the DJI Mavic Air release, but the V2 related stuff is between 4:12 and 6:31):

I found it kind of alarming and cool, but I wanted to get all of your thoughts on this!


Do you know who Sam is, the guy who talked about V2?

I hope they aren’t really going to name it V2, though. Awkward name.

That was Sam Sheffer; he’s a YouTuber (there’s more to him, but I don’t watch his content).

Personally, I feel like the name is still in the air (Idrc if V2 stays), and Sam is only going off his knowledge from the forums. So things could be different. I was mostly concerned when he mentioned the creator stuff (which was them coming onto the app and hovering between other platforms)