V2 Team for Movie Lovers

Yo. I’m a really huge fan of movies in general, like Tarantino… I wanna make a team where people can talk about recent or old movies and to share our best tips etc. Reply with your Twitter username if you want to make a group and maybe start a V2 movie community :v:


If you want to add people from twitter you can go to this topic. (Lets Not make duplicate topics)

And About Teams :

Quentin Tarantino is the best!! I love it, my twitter username is @eltho17

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I love movies and Tarantino lol. My twitter is @bigbadsunflower

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This is fine because @Quentin needs to find of his niche, people who like Movies etc.

I also love movies but are you like talking about creating any content or just chatting?

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I’ll add you !

I’ll add you too :slight_smile:

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No no just talking about movies

Yeah, I need to talk with people who love the same thing than me :grinning:

Lemme Join @MemeLover68

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Oh Okay.

Would love to join too! My Twitter is @mr_kota_bear

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I added you!

You can try clipping from your favorite movie moments with Projections.io’s chrome extension - bit.ly/projectionsio, think it as vine for streaming content!

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I’ll try, thank you!

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