V2: Tangle

Here’s my Mockup for v2: Tangle (My Own Name Idea)
Thats the logo.
That’s a mockup of the Homepage.

Hope you like it!


I like the name.

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It’s nice, but I didn’t like few stuff:

  • Shade of the color (grey)
  • Icons (not the logo, logo looks cool)
  • The font* you chose

I like the rest,

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its dope i like it bro

Cool name

I like it, but maybe it could be another color

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I agree – -----------------(only because I needed more characters)

Why do you choose that name??

Not bad! The green and grey has some accessibility issues though? I recommend reading up on color contrast accessibility if you like doing UI mockups!

-Signed a Web Designer

Thanks. I’m currently 14 and Working on my designing skills. (I go to an Art Scholl aswell!) so its nice to hear from a professiinal

Here is a place where you can post that

It’s not so much about the logo tho.

Font choice and color could be different, but this is a cool concept and looks good overall! Love it! :raised_hands:

cool idea!