V2 Tablet support

I really started to gain interest in doing vines. But I can’t get a phone because I have to pay monthly for it. And I currently don’t have enough money to own iPhone X. So I was wondering if v2 would come to the tablets [Like kindle fire from Amazon] soon. Can that thing happen?


I believe putting it in app stores will make it compatible for all devices.

It is an interesting idea, but most social media platforms have low % of tablets users. Most users prefer to use mobile devices.

In my opinion it’s very important to have the V2 app for mobile & tablet, So you can see clearly what your posting, no errors, a bad edit point, sound, etc. Sure you could create then send to mobile for posting, but it’s soooooooo much more practicle to do it all on the iPad, when needed. Please keep the tablet option. :+1:

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Tablet option would be great imo. Would open up the app to more creators.

Not all devices

I’m afraid so.

Bumping this because I was about to make a topic on the exact same thing. The power of the search bar lol. Has there been any more talk on this being available on Fire Tablets/Kindles? (Mostly Fire Tablets bc I have one and my iOS isn’t up to date :grimacing: )

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