V2 Snap Group Story

alright, so before anyone says it, yes i know there are other snap group chats, but this is a group story, where ALL v2 community users will be welcome to post, and communicate.

with that being said, i feel i must enact rules and regulations on the story; all users will need to abide by the forum rules and regulations or you will face a swift removal from the story. (i.e, no rude comments, racism, extremely explicit language, or otherwise slander terms, or discussion of controversial topics. this is supposed to be fun, and beneficial to everyone involved; not a shark tank.)

i will need to personally add all people who are on the story, so be patient with me, it will take some time. i have other trusted members of the community helping me moderate the story aswell, so please, let’s keep this fun, and collective.

also, please, don’t spam me personally. i know this may come off rude but please try to understand that i too am a normal snapchat user and use it quite often; i do want to interact with everyone and i will try my hardest to do so, but spamming or flaming me will not speed up the process, and will likely result in a removal from the story in extreme cases. please feel free to post to the story though. i made it for fun discussion and content sharing

add dylans snapchat :snapchat:dylantatertot to be added, or post it below and we will try to get to you
if you make him add you, it will take way longer, please, just add him.


:ok_hand:t3: 8chara

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Done :white_check_mark: :heart:️:heart:️

Sounds good snap; damnitdc

seems pretty cool, you were fast on adding back haha

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more peopleeeee

add me pls and ty

Cool. Great idea! I just added you (ericfrey909)

Gotcha @alilsarcasm

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Added. I’m will_g1rt

I’m isisx5 I’ve added u!

isthatvas / added.

Added you, im tinyqueermess :slight_smile:

added everyone who has added me

I added you! io.kyle :smiley:


I added you! Capture%20_2018-02-06-09-00-39

Hope I’m not too late to be added. If I am that’s ok but I’ll add u anyway

Snap: mistermatt101