V2 small creator promotion

While V2 is small, we should work on promotion of as much people as possible. While the categories are a great idea, I would hate for people to be overshadowed. Maybe V2 can do something like hosting contests for small creators monthly or something like that. Any thoughts???


Don’t worry, there will be something like Artists On the Rise section. Dom Said we all will have equall opportunities.


I’m hoping so. Just so we all have a level playing field.

Yes, i agree

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Am I the only one who thinks I will get popular due to me being here early?


I dont remember now but Dom said something about this

A content creator contest is a pretty good idea to me!

I just hope my account doesn’t flop on the first day lol

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Good point. I think it would be very demotivating to see all the “old viners” and youtubers dominating the trending pages etc. I think V2 will be a very big oppertunity for some of us to become big though, I think Dom knows this too. Hopefully it all works out!


I mean I don’t think being early is an insurance. I feel more that V2 will be all about content, not advantages

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Musically’s “Followed” “For You” What about… "Growing"

For the smaller accounts that want to become bigger. There can be a mode where you look through Vines of people that you follow, Vines of what you V2 has picked out “especially” for you and then a brand new “growing” mode. You can see all of the growing channels. This would be a good idea to get the smaller accounts into the spotlight!

However, the small creator promotions should be for people with less than 1k or 2k followers because if you’re promoting people that have like 10k followers, that’s a sizable following already, so it wouldn’t be fair to the truly small creators.

yeah, even if i am a giant, it’s unfair to other people