V2 Signature When Sharing To Different Platforms?

I’d like to know if a v2 signature would be appropriate when sharing to different social media platforms? A way of showing that your video was created with the v2 service. I ask because i’ve seen this type of signature format used with an older blackberry multi social application called Socialscope. It had its logo, and a “via Socialscope” link as the signature that would be sent out at the bottom of all of your posts in the different social media platforms you used.


Such as a little watermark logo like when you would share Vines outside of the main platform to FaceBook, twitter, other social media platforms?

Good idea by the way!


I think that would be a good idea!

Even better if they can click on the watermark and be redirected to v2 (via app store, or the app itself if it’s already installed).

It’s another good way to get v2 even more exposure when it’s up and running!


@RoboPsycho @Aleks exactly what you two described. This is the closest I could get to finding a screenshot of that signature used, but it doesn’t have the logo.

Using my blackberry I would see the logo/signature on both twitter, and facebook. Thats what had me interested in the app in the first place

I like the idea

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