✅ V2 should take advantage of YouTube cutting off small creators

This article on Digiday is very interesting, and V2 may be able to take advantage of it.

The article basically says that YouTube has made it more difficult for smaller advertisers to find channels where their ad dollars will go further and reach a more targeted audience now that smaller creators have had their videos demonetized. Smaller advertisers are often local businesses and smaller creators often have local audiences. Many smaller advertisers feel their ads just get lost on the channels of large creators and they don’t really feel that their ads reach the right audience. Also, smaller creators tend to incorporate an advertiser’s product or service into their video content in a more personal way which larger creators never do.

I think this is a great opportunity for V2 to fill this gap at a time when the repercussions of YouTube’s actions are starting to be felt far and wide. If V2 has an ad system that smaller artists could use to help monetize their content, it would attract these smaller YouTube creators to the V2 platform, and in turn attract the smaller advertisers also affected by YouTube’s new policies.

V2 should embrace the small! Just a thought for @dom.

What do all of you think?


I think it’s a great idea! Smaller creators can really use some attention, and a platform like v2 would help a lot.


Oooo definitely, this could totally put v2 in an upper hand from the get go


Yes sure, Also Dom had said that in V2 they would have more facility to be recognized the small accounts, that is to say those that have little audience

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I really really like this idea. We not only get to help out the smaller V2 channels but we also get to help out smaller ad companies as well. This could really help V2 avoid a lot of the monetization drama and stuff Youtube has