V2 Should Stay Forever

Okay, I know this sounds bad but, we need v2 forever i need v2 forever Vne helped cure my depression so much its not even funny :joy::joy: I honestly hope that the content on v2 surpasses the funniest of Vne… therefore i believe they should never delete v2 when its droped!!! anyone agree??? :joy:9:joy::black_heart:


Agree :raising_hand_man:t3:

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agreed :smiley:

I really hope so!!

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It should at least evolve and get better.

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Agreed :heart:

I agree completely. That’s so nice that it helped u through ur depression :slight_smile:


Yes! V2 can make the community stronger.

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Totally agree👍🏾

Yesss agreed

I’ve just got depression waiting on it…lol so i understand. It’s gonna be fire though. :fire::fire::fire:

Same tbh :joy: but the wait will be worth it cause in the end it will be an amazing app (unlike Instagram, which ruins quality)


Instagram is just annoying now. I stopped using it lately…

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Yeah, I still use it only to talk to my friends but I don’t post on there

I would love to but the decision is entirely in @dom and the staffs hands

Long live V2!!!:tada::balloon::+1: