V2 Ruined... (what now)

V2 was probably going to change my life if I got a fanbase. I had all these best jokes waiting in my notes but vine is all gone now… I’m sad, and alone. Please. Bring it back.


The delay is upsetting for sure. What I plan on doing is uploading those 6 second skits to my IG. Uploading your skits to other social media platforms might be the way to go for now.


Honestly I just keep coming up with ideas, it’s great for when the app comes out so I can upload daily. But I get that the wait is annoying when you’re so hyped for it already.

I just imagine what it’s gonna be like to use the app when I’m missing it

Like @TheKingHusker said, make little vines on IG or YT, make a compilation, its fun! V2 will come eventually, just be patient.

the prolonged wait is disheartening for sure, but it’ll help to remind yourself that it will drop eventually, this is what I do. In the meantime definitely find a social media platform to express your creativity. Whether you upload your short skits to ‘Tik Tok’ or IG or make longer videos that fit your style on YouTube to start building a fan base.

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