V2 revine name

does any one have a name for revine

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What’s wrong with revine?

just wondering if they are going to change the name for it on the app and will there be revine

there will most likely be a system that will allow “revining” but it will be called something else. Perhaps something based on the name of the app (The name could change)


that means there is a revine button

there is a revine button

No one knows for certain names could change

I guess it depends on the official v2 name…

You have been making a lot of repetitive posts about what the name of “revine” will be. Please cut down on them. We’re trying to reduce clutter by not being repetitive.


There’s a sharing feature on every social media app

Why not call it reV lol

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I don’t know they might change the name of the app and might change revine


is that whit its going to be called on the new app

i hope revines are gonna be present idc bout what its called lmao

Except instagram…

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Oops sorry, thanks for correcting me

Re-loop could work, or just the good ole fashion repost/reblog. It probably wont have a “name” but just have the same little recycle symbol. Dom has said before that we can basically call it whatever we want colloquially, so what users say doesnt matter. Revine will be a hard habit to kill :sweat_smile:

that mean Dom said there is going to be revine or not