V2 release?

Is it me just me thats losing hope that v2 is going to come out within the next few years?

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Don’t lose hope! Dom is still working on V2, otherwise these forums wouldn’t be up. Although he has yet to tell us about the progress of the app, he’s pretty active on the forums and will tell us what happens next in due time.


i really hope that by the end of March or January we will possibly know if it’ll be released within the year of 2019

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Like I said, all in due time buddy. Can’t remember where I heard it from, but apparently Dom said some close friends and family are testing out the app. If this is true, then it means the app is almost developed. Just the financial and legal hurdles to defeat now :slight_smile:


Right he said that when he was working on the reimagined v2 but there still probably testing this v2 yes!


He’s clearly still working on the app since that one person made a post on how they are leaving the forum and don’t think it’s coming out and he responded bye which means he knows the app is going to come out and he’s still working on it.