V2 rebranding of byte

So byte is nice looking but imagine if it was rebranded to the original idea. Imagine of the theme changes from black to green and white with the V2 logo. That’d be cool but add in the unique ideas that were also made.

Did Dom have a plan to go through legal stuff and get the name V2?


Hopefully no rebrand. We should move forward and the cut the string w/ the whole vine 2.0… The byte is the new wave :stuck_out_tongue: #VisionForward #NotBackward


Move forward is the way. I see what you mean


V2 was more of a code name to give the team time to think of a new name to get a fresh start with like microsoft xbox project scarlett. They are supposed to be placedholder names until you figure it out. Byte is a cool name because it means something to do with 8 pixels but it also means the viewer taking a byte out of a creators byte. You can see this represented well if you really look at the byte logo and think about it. lol take my concept here I made with kylie jenner as an example as a new perspective lol.

Bytes branding is just genius because it is unique as branding is.

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yep :vine: is an era that had good memories but it’s time for a new chapter now


And I thought the byte logo was them throwing in random shapes smh

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v2 was just a temporary name for the time being


Twitter owns the brand Vine so this app couldn’t share the name

Even though I’ve never been sold on the name BYTE, talking about rebranding or renaming at this stage is so tiresome

That’s why Dom had legal issues to deal with so he scrapped the name