V2 question 101

Once the app releases to the public how long u think it could be before it to be Popular like vine was???

My guess maybe 6 months to 2 years lol idk lwhat u think???


My predictions areeeee… on the first month LOTS of people will join but it will not be as famous as vine on that one. Then, like 6 months after, things WILL get bigger and better and bigger and bigger and KAPAW


there is always that time when something goes viral and there is no doubt that byte will go viral, it’s just a matter of when and usually bigger social media influencers will grow to like it and spread the word


i’ll give it 5 months


5mouths sounds right

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Could be right off the bat if viral content is made

They’d wonder how/where it was filmed and it should source back to byte
Thus leading to more exposure/downloads so it is our job to really keep posting and be active!


It’ll blow up immediately for sure, but I think it’ll be a while before it becomes the size of Vine. If byte doesn’t get shut down in a few years like Vine, maybe even bigger.


All depends on the promotion. Honestly, we got this! all the stars shall align. :metal:t5::metal:t5:


I feel like not many old viners are comming back, they’ve moved on to better things.
So it’s going to be a slow burn of like 6 month to 1 year until people get it back into their heads, maybe less if creators get to make money on the app which maybe is the case.
But I’m exited to discover new people!
And I hope it’s not drown by memes pages & people reposting old vine like a particular app I’m not allowed to talk about. Or trash celebrity.

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with being Viners from the past they can come back or not it’s their choice. If they don’t come back it gives great opportunities for people on byte to grow into future stars.

I feel like it will gain a ton of users within the first month and then slow down after that.

Imagine there being a byte compilation the next day :joy:

Apparently people are more excited about byte rather than lasso and tik tok so im assuiming we will surpass their downloads quite quickly

if it’s advertised as “the rebirth of Vine” it will skyrocket

but, it’s going to be the #1 free app anyways on both app stores when it launches due to the amount of people downloading