V2 profile progress calendar

Hey there :grin:,
What are some of your thoughts on an option in an Artist profile to have a calendar showing you the days you added videos to the v2 service? It would change the color of the date when you add a video, and leave the date blank when there is no activity that particular day.

It can show a small breakdown of personal, and Team activity as well. But the calendar would only be available to the creator of the profile.


Why has nobody commented on this!? This is great! It’d be different software I haven’t seen on social media. Plus it’d be a great collaborative program for V2ers to use for them to help schedule their posts automatically or manually. @dom :eyes:


Brilliant idea! It’s like creators statistics


I like this, keeping track of how you are doing

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cool idea

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That’s a great idea :bulb:!!!

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I think that there should also be something which tells you how many members are online currently so you know when to upload.


This actually sounds like a super unique idea! I love it

This would be really cool! You’ve got my vote :slight_smile:

Great idea

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That’s a great idea :slight_smile: , but then that would be the worst time to upload because everyone would crowd the feed

This is a really good idea