V2 Profile Codes

Yes, yes and yes. Why are you people so creative and intelligent???

Okay this is a cool idea and I don’t mean to bring it down but I’m fairly sure the whole snap code thing is the reason why you can’t change your snapchat username once the account is made.

This could just be misinformation, but I’ve heard that adding the whole codes thing messes with the system too much if people can, at any time, change their username, so that could be a potential drawback to this.

Like I said though, I just heard this in conversation and have no proof it’s eve true (also the concept looks very cool, nice work)


great feedback!

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That maybe could be true, but a simple way around that would be to link the code to the actual user profile instead of the name, that way it stays the same even if the username is changed

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Well yes, but I’ve always assumed that was how snapchat worked and yet it still has the no username changes issue

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