V2 Profile Codes

With Snap Codes, it is easier to connect with others after meeting them for the first time. This is of course just an idea…but it would be nice to share your profile with friends and others by simply scanning a unique code. Custom v2 buttons and additional information could be shown on the contact card once added: such as an artist’s # of loops, popular posts, achievements, direct messaging and so forth!

Below I attached a concept visual I made :slight_smile:



This is very unique! I hope they consider this. Gives a personal touch with your viewers :heart_eyes:

Dang that’s sick! Nice job it looks super good :raised_hands:t3:

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this would be super cool

That would be really neat

Move it here since it is getting more attention

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That’s so cool

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That looks amazing!

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Possibly, an artists selected vine from their profile could be viewed for a preview after added to replace the code box as well?

I really like this idea. It’s so easy with Snapchat and transferring that kind of convenience to V2 I think is a wonderful idea. I also love the little visual representation you made! It’s awesome!

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appreciate it!

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Profile codes would be very useful

Truly a great idea. Although I’ve found out that the idea with the most common sense theme behind it, tends to be over looked.

This is great! I would love to have this.

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I really like this idea! I remember misspelling usernames all the time on vine. It takes longer to spell out a username to a friend than to just send a unique pic-code. Nice suggestion.:+1:


V2 codes would be a good way to share and connect with others.

Wow, this is a unique post. I love your design man!

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I think instead of having the dots you could have vines in a cirtain pattern just for some uniqueness

That looks incredible !!

Omg this idea is very amazing, it would be pretty amazing

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