V2 preparation

Do you have solid plans for your content or are you waiting for the Beta/actual release to get a feel of the app first?

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i made alot of ideas but i think i need a glimpse of beta and set up an acc w a theme and such


Yeah, I have ideas planned, but I need to see what the app is like and get the feel of it

My phone notepad is full of ideas :joy:

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im just gonna explore and see what everythings like so i can tailor what i am going to do

No cause unscripted ideas are the best :smiley:

thats the hard part though

I already recorded at least 10 vines so when the app drops i’m Going to be in the first person to post

My first one will be a test :joy:

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Just gonna wing it and have fun.

I have notepads full of ideas…:sweat_smile:

As im sure most of you are, I will be taking tags :crazy_face:

I have lots of ideas but I don’t know when I’m going to start posting content yet. I think I’ll get a fed for the new app first and then see how it goes.

I’m waiting for beta but I have a few ideas ready

i usually used the first app for liking and sharing anime/game edits that i thought were really well made, so i’ll probably be doing the same if v2 is anything like the first app :sweat_smile: