V2 "Pandora" Feed (Shuffle Mode)

I’ve been seeing some discussion lately about the idea of a “similar content” button which you could push to find similar content to a video you’re watching, and find smaller artists along the way. But what if we took this a step further?

What if, for each category, there could be a “Shuffle Mode” button which would put you into a Pandora-like neverending stream of videos? You could like and dislike videos, and V2 would update the feed based on which tags and artists you like the most. It’s probably best that it only updates this in the Shuffle mode to avoid a possible “echo chamber” though?

I’ve stumbled upon so many smaller, awesome artists from Pandora. I love that we all seem to agree that everyone should be on equal footing on V2, and a feature like Shuffle mode could level the playing field by suggesting smaller, newer creators. If a video is bad, it’s only 7 seconds out of your life which you can avoid with a simple dislike button.

What do yall think?


I really like your idea. But to complement your idea I’ll add something.
Shuffle videos must be from people around 500+ or 1k+ followers to 5k followers.

This is a way to help the Artists on the Rise.


It’d be great to have a specific setting for something like that. I don’t think the idea of having power artists on Shuffle is intrinsically bad but itd be good to have like a “Rising Shuffle” for smaller creators specifically too.

Big creators won’t need a shuffle. Why?
Because they’re going to be on your timeline anyway thanks to the repost.

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It’s an interesting idea. My question is like, would it be a compilation?

Damnnnnnnnn broo it’s an amazing idea :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

Yeah, that seems pretty fair - it would be like a neverending comedy compilation, or a neverending music compilation, and so on. But it would allow people to find new artists much easier that they can like.

I like your idea but the dislike buttom hummm :thinking::thinking: I dont know bro