V2 Originality

So, this is my first post, very excited. But anyway will V2 have the same originality as when the original vne started? Before Vne ended, all the content was heavily edited and very un-funny. I really hope that it’ll have good content and not as heavily edited as before. What do y’all think? Thanks!


I agree. Most people exaggerated in their v*nes that it wasnt even funny. But on the most part, some people were hilarious.

It depends on the trends tbh. Unfortunately, most trends nowadays are awful and over used. But life just works that way i guess


Idk, some vines were really good afterwards, but i gues it kinda took away from the spirit of it. Wondering what the future will be like… :shushing_face:


Yeah. But for one actually good vner there were like 50 not funny ones who use a ton of editing and exaggerated their vnes.

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apparently the people loved the edited ones…as u can see the top 10 viners all did make edited vines


Just putting this out here (not to be mean) but you can say Vine you just don’t refer to V2 as V*ne 2

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Oh okay! Thanks!

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Yeah, no hate towards the people that liked the overly edited ones, but they just weren’t funny for me…

I think that there will still be highly edited content or meme-like GIFs but hopefully that content will be categorized so that we can choose to consume it or not

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Hopefully there will be a range of content for everyone to enjoy :slight_smile: