V2 or v2, which do you prefer?

Heya everyone!
I just had this idea for a fun poll
I know @dom has said that both v2 and V2 apply when refering to the app, but personally I’ve started to prefer v2, but I couldn’t tell you why :joy:

So without further adieu, I present the definitive (definitely not definitive) community poll:
Do you prefer v2 or V2? (I’ll probably leave the poll up indefinitely)

  • v2
  • V2

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I prefer v2 but I naturally always write V2.


I’m the same, but I honestly can’t explain it

v2 looks more clean.


I prefer V8


It’s be cool if the lowercase v connected to the 2

Too lazy to put the “v” in caps. v2 is fine.

The lowercase v just looks more aesthetically pleasing next to the 2. Since the two is full height no matter what, the V clashes with it. Especially since the V is very angular and the two has a contrasting curve. I’m sure there’s more science to it than that, but that’s how I see it from an art student’s perspective.
Also I think a V with a smaller 2 would look even better, but we can’t exactly do that.

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