V2 Optimism ☺️

I just wanted to say I can barely contain my optimism for V2. It is so refreshing to see everyone so eager and excited about this new platform that’s being created. I think that there are a lot of great things in store for the app, and I’m so excited to see the similarities and the differences to vine. I think this forum is really unique to be able to communicate with people that are just as excited. I’m so excited to see people channel their creativity, and to have more funny things to reference. What are you looking forward to with V2?


Pretty excited about the possibilities with whatever the new format is, 6s video or otherwise. Hopefully there’s some cool ways to use those 6 seconds creatively


I’m looking forward to doing something in my life that can make other people laugh, with youtube there’s too much negativity and drama, that I know v2 will be the better place for people like me to make other people smile.

I totally agree. Super excited to see the opportunities, fun content, and new chances v2 creates and how it handles itself as a new and important platform.