V2 online video

How much seconds do you want in v2 video?

  • 6 seconds!
  • 10 seconds!
  • 20 seconds!

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We loved vine for the spontinuitey in these 6 second videos why fix what isn’t broken

As of right now the maximum video duration is 6.5 , i dont see a need to change it

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From a musical humor standpoint, my best work is done in 4/4 measures at at least a moderate tempo (sometimes faster), and is usually about 10 seconds. For example:

My parody of the “Hollaback Girl” hook by Gwen Stefani:
“A tooth brush will get rid of that plaque
mouthwash will bring he fresh breath back
Cause you got halitosis! Cause you got halitosis!”

When I’m goofing off for my wife and kids; walking around the house butchering songs with spontaneous and ridiculous zeal, it’s usually 4/4 measures at a moderate tempo (sometimes faster). Now, while I’ve tried to make it work, reality is, a 6 sec cap would not capture most of my lyrical spontaneity and hilarity, it would knee cap it, and that is a problem for me. V2 clips should be capped at 10 seconds, because an additional 4 seconds would fix for me and others like me. No one has to use all 10 seconds, meaning if you love doing only 6 seconds and want to stick to that, then do that, but that’s not enough from a technical standpoint for my fun.