V2 on Apple Watch

Will there be a V2 app for the Apple Watch? I think that would be pretty cool to be able to scroll through the videos from your timeline on a watch but I don’t actually have an Apple Watch so I don’t know if people would actually want/use that sort of thing. Anyone with an Apple Watch/ smart watch have an opinion on this?

  • I have a smartwatch and I would use it
  • I have a smartwatch and I would not use it
  • I don’t have a smartwatch

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I don’t feel it would work, it would be to small, maybe if it was a lite version just for scrolling for videos??

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I do not have an Apple Watch but I used my friend’s and I feel like it is limited what you can do but it may be cool to watch someone else’s video. I think it would be strange watching a regular phone’s fullscreen video on a small square like screen. That’s my opinion


Ya I guess it would be pretty hard to even see anything on a small screen.

That could work though, maybe just allows you to scroll through new videos and favorite them or save them for watching later or something like that? :man_shrugging:

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i think this could be a very cool feature and actually change the game of social media. but would have to work veryyy well and would most likely take some time to prefect


Yea we can build on it tho

And that is what I was thinking when I was posting this. It could be a really cool addition that kind of sets it apart from other social medias a little bit, especially if it worked really well and had some unique features not usually seen on smartwatches

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I don’t think many people would use it but it would be nice to see a lite version like mentioned above on the Apple watch with the function of only being able to see what others post.

That sounds awesome and I would totally use it if I wanted a quick laugh on byte during class. Even if the screen is small, being able to watch bytes on an Apple Watch would be dope. :grin:

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