V2 = OEVO ? *X-Files theme*

I was browsing Vine’s Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vine_(service)
and came across this:


wouldn’t it be funny if OEVO was actually v2 and its already getting out there and its all an Aprils Fool prank by dom haha… nervous laughter

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Imagine that :joy:!! I think I‘d faint :joy:

this is what the app’s description is on the Playstore

"OEVO is the best way to see and share beautiful short videos. Create 7-second looping videos in a fun and simple way to share with your friends and family on the new vine app. "

although at the bottom it does mention “not affiliated with the v2 app” but thats not mentioend on the Appstore tho hmmmm

That app is trying to get fame off of making themselves look like the “new vine app.” Because of all the confusion, people may be misinformed and that would explain the wiki page. as for the appstore, i’d assume they said that so people would download them app.
OEVO has nothing to do with v2. dont be fooled


Too sketchy, remember wikipedia can be modified by anyone.
I researched the company behind OEVO before and it’s a french subsidiary from a bigger company.
I don’t think Dom is french :rofl: it definitely trying to capitalize on the V2’s announcement. I’m getting tired of saying it but the app is so bad, It was obviously rushed to take advantage of the publicity.
Also even if it where V2 I would be pissed by the lack of quality, I legit don’t remember anyone having technical issues with Vine, so I expect the same with V2 and that’s what brings me the patience and trust to the @staff this time around.

I trust Dom’s developer skills and I know that they’re better than whoever developed the buggy, laggy, crappy oevo

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If you were using Vne the first year it came out you would know how laggy and glitchy it was. Honestly it was almost the same thing as this new app. after a few months and few updates apps like this become better and better. Vne was the exact same way.

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well, they spelled his name wrong. it’s “hofmann” with 2 Ns, not “hoffman” w/ 2 fs. I don’t know why i remember that :joy: I think the guys behind the OEVO app edited the page, seeing as how anyone can edit a Wikipedia page

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ayye good eye. still this is soo suspect

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Only administrators are able to edit that page so it couldn’t have been dom or the oevo people.

Incidentally, Follow me on Oevo and I’ll follow back! No harm in using fakes while we wait for v2! Its Follow Back, or sauce. IMG_59C2ADC842B3-1


i started using it, its alright tbh just apart from the bugs

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Buggy, but its gonna explode. Look at how many twitter followers the Oevo account has already!!

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they going up in app store ranking at number
#48 in Social Networking
with 291 Ratings

People going crazy with the money part… its buggy and slow but 2 weeks ago was alot worse so i think they making it better…
I dont think they are making it as a v2 or vine… its more like a new platform because they dont mention vine anywhere in app store. People are just connecting them to it.

Hope i explode on there already have sooooo many followers and likes its crazy!

yea i do kinda agree on it getting better compared to few weeks ago

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well, fakes actually possibly harm the success of the real app, so i recommend not using it

didn’t know since I got it late on android and the port worked fine for me :man_shrugging:
I still don’t think this conspiracy makes sense tho. Why would they make the OEVO app if they are still going to make v2? The old bait and switch?

Or could just be testing and making it better until a bigger launch

OEVO is not v2.
I made a whole topic on the fact.

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It’s a litter scary to think about if it was. That would mean all of us on the forums here are missing out.

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