V2 Needs Episodes

I fully support the 6-second video length for V2. But sometimes that’s not enough time to say what you want. On Vine, that led to people creating a series of 6-second videos. But they’d just get lost within that person’s timeline and you had to search for the first one.

It would be great if V2 gave us the ability to bundle a bunch of short videos into Episodes. So if I made a series of 8 videos showing how to execute some fabulous makeup technique, for example, I could group them into an Episode and give it a title and description. A play button for that Episode would start playing the entire series of videos starting with the first one, or whichever one they last watched if they didn’t finish watching the entire Episode.

That would make it easy for followers to play the whole series of short videos easily. For artists, this gives them more flexibility in how they want to present their work. Either the default — a one-off, stand-alone, 6-second video — or as a series of multiple videos grouped into Episodes.

What do you think, @dom?


Hey man! Great Idea, check this out seeing as it’s pretty similar :slight_smile:


Isn’t this the same as a playlist?

Thanks, it is very similar.

Episodes yess 100%. BUT

You need to do it right. Playlists are fine because episodes have different stories in each one. If you use this like Instagram’s bulk upload feature then people will just be posting ONE video split up and NOBODY wants a short video to be split into 6-second chunks.

This is vine not youtube.

Yes, it’s basically the same thing as a playlist.

I believe this would be very convient as well.

I TOTALLY agree. Maybe each video in the episode would automatically repeat until you tapped the screen to go to the next one. Because often you need to watch a vine twice or more to get everything. That would keep V2 more like the original, standard Vine timeline, when you watch each vine in a loop then tap to go to the next one in your timeline, or in this case, the next video in the episode.


I feel like vine is so special because it is only 6 seconds, if it were longer this app would be basically be YouTube

I support this 80% I think if it worked like Snapchat’s new multi snap system, however it may subtract from the nostalgia of Vines.

The videos would still be 6 seconds. Only difference is that you can group a bunch of them into an Episode, or a Series, or a Story, or whatever you want to call it. Lots of people on Vine used to do multi-vine things, this would allow you to group them together so they can all be played in sequence from the beginning.