V2 Need More Exclusive and Different

a sad story was where i knew about vine when it’s dead!
i had never made one video in there, but i keep install vine camera to create short video for my instagram.

and become excited when i’ve heard Dom is follow-up for V2, “wow, it’s good!”

6,5 second is special fitur on vine, and i think it should be maintained! it;s just like a challenge! and it was Exclusive and different.

so, i just want to share my idea about v2, i don’t know how it will work.

how about group ? no video in there, that’s for discusion in v2,
how about 5 second profile account ? facebook had did it, but i think v2 also can have it.
how about video editor? we can put some meme, emoji, sound effect, ( but no filter face, no music like musicaly )
how about “live collab”? so, creator can join in one frame with other creator, live or no live so we can edited and upload.

thank you very much


Here are a few threads that apply to your topic:

and a few about editing that I shared elsewhere


i let you have that one @Tsouth21 :wink:

changing category to general discussion

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okay! thank you very much

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