V2 Messenger/ Stats App

What if DM’s/VM’s had their own messaging center like FaceBook? I’ve seen a few posts regarding DM’s and finding a better solution to organize them. Not going to lie…running low on ideas…so apologies if this one is lacking innovation…



It’s alright like the idea, but what would separate it from everyone just using Instagram or Facebook to message each other ?

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There’s a similar thread here

(also you don’t have make a topic if you can’t think of anything new lol I’m honestly sure almost everything has been said more than once)

It could be catered to the app. Sort of like Spotify and Soundcloud have additional information such as stats. Such as the apps “SoundCloud Pulse” or “Spotify Artists”

I mean it could be implemented into the app, just as Instagram has their analytics for display

Changed the idea of the app to be more descriptive!

I mean, it’s an interesting idea for sure :slight_smile: wouldn’t be top priority but when it gets bigger I could see it happen

Haha the main focus should be v2 first anyways :sweat_smile:


I think that’s the purpose of this forum actually. I guess since the number of users since the public release tripled, the group chats just sort of help

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What’s the difference between this and dms?

It’s an extension app like “Spotify Artists” or “SoundCloud Pulse” that’s gives more insight with stats catered to an artists posts.

i didn’t know spotify and soundcloud had extended apps.

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No worries :slightly_smiling_face: I was just throwing the idea out there

I don’t think it will work. Why make it in an different app? Let’s have it on the app!


This is a public forum page. Direct messages are personal that only you and someone else can see.

No what like, what is the difference between v2’s future dms and the extension app

I really really dislike that facebook made its messaging a separate app because it feels extremely useless and annoying to me. I would much rather, if there are DMs, have them implemented in the app. People don’t want to download another chat app just for it to be associated with V2… Idk maybe I’m wrong but that is what I think

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No I do totally agree. I think I will close this topic. It is a very one sided argument. And tbh I even say this idea sucks haha

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@MattFogarty hey matt, I can’t figure out how to delete a topic, but if u could close this one I’d appreciate it haha. The idea is so poor and regret posting it. :grimacing:

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