"V2 Memories"

I’ve heard some recent discussion about a “Stories” or “Memories” feature in the new app, similar to those made by Snapchat and Facebook.

And yes. I don’t like the idea either. It’s pointless in an app like V2.

But I have an idea that goes by the same name, but a completely different concept.

In a nutshell, my idea is to have an option to group a set of Vines taken at a location, trip, or special event. Each group will be called a “Memory”.

You can also view other memories, such as from the people you follow, that are under the same name.

I’m not sure if this is original or not, but it’s just something that I thought would be a fun little feature that V2 could have.

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This is similar to what snapchat does with the “Our Story” and SnapMap, where you see videos of a particular event or when you go to the map you can see snapchat stories put on “Our Story” put up less than 24 hours in a location. I feel like this idea could be cool for events, but chances are it’s not going to be that awesome when all that it’s used to is getting 100 different views of a concert, game, or event that everyone is watching.

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I can see the resemblance with “our story” but interesting idea anyway

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Your idea is very similar to Instagram, Insta have this option

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I have said man times. V2 is about 6seconds videos. History shouldn’t be on V2.

Buuuutt… I like the idea of having history for verified users only. Like YouTube.

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I like the idea of a compilation of vines, maybe based around a similar idea, all in one. If a few artists go to the beach and make some videos then I would totally like to watch them all in a little collection