V2 Mascot?

I was thinking that V2 should have its own mascot kinda how snapchat has its ghost and twitter has its bird, It could be used in merch, trailers/promos or somehow implemented into the app in the form of a helping guide when you first login/make a new account on the app and the mascot can guide you through how the app works. I will be working on a mock-up of a mascot and you should too, i want to see what other peoples ideas. :smiley:


V2 could have a snake for the color


@dom will v2 have a mascot?

it’ll be one big meme

A mascot would be nice! It will be hard to choose what kind of mascot tho :frog::bug::snake::turtle::cactus::t_rex:

A frog would be pretty dope, I would say a t-rex but idk or maybe a tortoise

  • good?
  • bad?

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lol, all out of posts for the day had to take an old one (this one) and change it I need trust 2 I write to much.:rofl::rofl: oh and @dom I was told to ask you how long it takes to gain trust level

good concept, but its just a quick sketch so :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks like it could be cool if it was fleshed out! I like it. :smile:

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I like your idea

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It would be nice to have a kind of snake for mascot


A snake is shady but symbolic. Snakes always win.


I feel like the V2 logo by itself is iconic enough to be honest, we don’t necessarily need a mascot! If we had one though snake would maybe make the most sense I agree!


Don’t have an opinion on whether it’s necessary or not, but I do really like the idea of a snake or a frog as a mascot!

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Im working on a frog one but im not sure if it would even fit with the theme

creepyfrogmascotv2 WIP frog still just looks like a simple version of the emoji counter part but ran out of ideas :confused: (Maybe a t-rex or a snake would fit it better, or maybe no mascot?)


Maybe it should be an actual vine

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I like this just because so think that simple is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but twitter still owns Vine so they could just sue it because it’s copying there trademarked vine app/logo/design/everything + we don’t even know if V2 is the real name or just a code name but I shall assume it will be due to the domain name?

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