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V2 Loops - Discord Server

Hello! I am Arman (Grey)! I can say that I grew up with Vine (I was watching, not uploading). One day, I decided to start making Vines. I did start making Vines. I had a bad luck. Twitter announced that they were going to shut Vine down right 2 days after I posted my first Vine. So, I never had the chance to feel like a viner.

Thanks to Dom, vine is… no no… V2 is coming. I didn’t have the chance to entertain people on Vine, so I am very committed to try my luck in v2!

v2 forums is a AMAZING place. I met lots of people here. I love this community already. So, I decided to stat a small group named ‘‘V2 Loops’’.


Main goal of ‘‘V2 Loops’’ is to let creators / artists to brainstorm in a single place (also, to promote their work both in the discord server and V2 Loops’s Instagram account. There are tons of Instagram and Twitter DM / PM groups that start and die by time. This discord server is aimed to have more people in it, and I won’t let the chat in here to die.


  • This Discord Server is NOT the official Discord server of V2.
  • This server is still under development and will be Improved.
  • Info about the server is given in the #introduction section (in the Server).

JOIN NOW: https://discord.gg/yHVkYtH

Let me know if you don’t like something about the server, so I can change / improve it. Your opinions matter.

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Will do, great idea!

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Glad to hear that!

Cool! :blush::smiley:

so confused image why cant i chat

Great idea the Discord Forum

I don’t he set it up right/has finished yet lol
@Grey Either finish the setup or write instructions on the docking page, add a verification or something. Discord 101 my man

Okay, I forgot how to manage Discord servers. I think the #Introduction sections works now.

Finishing up everything tomorrow.