V2 Live and Live Videos

Now that this has been taken care of, this feature now makes sense imo but would love to know everyone’s opinions about this now.

I don’t see the purpose. Like she said. Instagram has a live function, there’s no reason for byte to have that too.


You couldn’t pay me enough right now to have a live video function in an app I produced.

There is so much AWFUL stuff being broadcast Live on Insta, Snap, and FB.

The legal ramifications are crazy. Look awhat happened in the last week with SC alone.

That is going to lead to some changes in the near future I bet.

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They can use live videos in instagram though and do the same thing. There is nothing unique about it or any reason for someone to use a live function on byte vs instagram or Facebook or snapchat.

100% agree

I’d say a key point would be TikTok having this feature too. Maybe there is some benefit to keeping the interactions in the app vs having to move over to another platform to connect with your favourite creator live.

Yeah. I would imagine FCC/Govt is going to get involved in the near future.
Just searched for SC and look at suggested results.

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Idk, just doesn’t really make sense. My opinion.

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Wow, I see how this can be bad :grimacing:. There’s gotta be some restrictions in place then. The details however, I have no idea

I mean, I’d love to be able to do live drawings and stuff and take feedback. Don’t get me wrong.

But right now?

It would be like planning to open a buffet restaurant in the worst hit by COVID19 areas of New York.

I think a better investment would be to work out a partnership with Twitch, Mixer or a similar service for behind the scenes type stuff or to interact directly with fans. They’ve already figured out the legal ramifications (or have the teams of lawyers necessary to do so). Not to mention there is a HUGE difference between hosting and showing 3-16 s videos and streaming live video.

Look at the recent VERZUZ thing between Ludacris and Nelly. It was Charles Barkley levels of “turrible, terrible”

Live videos would definitely be a cool feature.

Live streaming is the exact opposite of short looping videos. Not a fan.

I enjoyed watching Lives on TikTok of engaging content creators. For example, TrashWithChase and moschinodorito were both a joy to interact with. There were also artists who would stream their drawings and designs. I liked that stuff. Would be nice if we could have something similar.

Lives would be a great way to interact with viewers.

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