V2 its own thing?

Would V2 be a sequel to Vine strictly with everything being “2” or “Second” and all the videos still be 6 seconds? Or would it be its own thing with new ways of creating these videos having different time spans and more?

It is its own project, not related to Vine. Videos will be 6.5 seconds (MAX)


It’s going to be different with similar qualities but we’re not referring to it as Vine or anything bc of copyright but you’re absolutely right bc it will be slightly similar

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It’ll be similar to Vine, but it’s a personal/independent project. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Please read this and other important articles related to it!

Please, v2 is not like any other platforms it doesn’t need any other name, it is just v2

Thank you!!

Okay good, I’m glad to hear that

Its different to V*ne because that is an app that twitter bought but V2 is own thing from Dom. The duration of the video will be 6 seconds but they are in alpha so this can change in the future, i am talk about the duration of the videos. We dont know if dom like to change that in a future.

be even better up the video time of V2 to 1 min