V2 is no gem

I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter, and hopefully see if anyone feels the way i do.

I came into this forum ready for v2, and ready to get famous. Slowly i realized that was nearly impossible, and other apps were already out there. Why should i wait? The recent halt in v2 has been the push i needed, and we have to face the facts… v2 could be just as shitty as oevo.

The hype for v2 is unrealistic, and could be argued for the reason of v2 stopping. Point is, if you all don’t jump on other apps now, you’re considerably hindering your ability to “make it.” And if you put too much faith into v2, and it comes out, it may not be up to your unrealistic standards. Therefore making you actually dislike the app more than you would’ve if you had been naturally skeptical. With all the postponing, and the “once in a lifetime” (which has been greatly glorified since the app ended) community of v**e, i wouldn’t be suprised if the app ended up like a worse cousin.

Point is, hold some faith in v2, but don’t actively think about it. Join another app, and don’t pretend v2 is above everybody else.

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I personally believe that V2 is a good platform to start building an audience on as it has mad potential following the success of V*ne and the staff are experienced.

And V2 isnt stopping! Just postponed.


And whilst V2 is being built, you could gather more ideas. I’ve had at least 10 this past hour.


I think his point is if you’re trying to have a career in something like this it’s pointless to wait around for an app with an indefinite “postponement” time to come out. He has a point too. Why waste your time waiting on this when you don’t even know when or if it’ll come out. For all we know, he could turn around and decide to terminate the whole project together. It’s nice to have faith and everything, but sometimes you just have to accept what’s already there to see.


Start on other apps pronto…don’t waste time. Time is money


@Reallyahmed 100% agree.

If you are serious about making it you will work with what you got! Realistically the chances that v2 is happening is less than 1% the postponement is whats giving people faith but I don’t see it coming out anytime in the next 12 months. If v2 were to be released I would be there in a heartbeat! But right now I’m trying to build on OEVO because thats all we got!

We are/were not waiting on v2 specifically because we want to be verified/huge on the app. We are/were waiting because we trust/trusted that that the original creators of Vine could create a similar experience. /////

It’s all a game or risk and chance, tbh. I myself checked out Ooveo, and see some potential, but right now posting my content there seems like a waste. It’s not just about “putting your stuff out there”, it’s about being strategic on where you put it.

Right now, most of the people who know about Oveo are those who were hoping to be creators on V2.
And Oveo doesn’t seem like an app that the mass media will trust and download.

More creators = less audience
Less eyes = less audience