V2 is Interspace ?!

Okay so I went to @dom 's website and found out about a new app that is coming soon which is Interspace. So could it be V2- Interspace


interesting thought. I’ve seen this but didn’t think much of it. Guess we’ll see…lol

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I don’t think so, it’s totally different and there have already been a few previews of it. It’s not V2 most likely, trust me. It looks more VR than actual 6 second clips, even though he said he was abandoning VR to work on something different. It was on his vine too.
it’s the last one i believe

Unrelated. Interspace has been a separate project that he’s been working on since 2016.

V2 is a side project to this and his other work.

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He’s currently working on interstace and has been for a while to my knowledge, v2 is just a side project.

ooooooo I cant wait

Ohh, interesting notice

It’s something different he’s been working on.