V2 Information + Twitter

So There is a lot of misinformation regarding V2 on twitter. On top of that, fake apps are literally commenting on every post regarding V2 to get those interested parties on their apps.

Not many people know about the forums + some people are too lazy to check on here and search so I went ahead a created a “assistance” account for V2 where information from the staff can be relayed.


The idea is to share important updates such as things that are posted on the announcements tab. I thought it would also be helpful to directly reply to anyone who has commented on a V2 Tweet or Dom’s Tweet regarding V2 and relay any helpful information.

I’m pretty sure you can add people to twitter accounts so multiple can access it so if anyone is interested in helping, let me know! (especially the experts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

(once i figure out how to add people to the account, i’ll let you know what’s up)

Of course, if you’re on it, please be kind lmao even if people are being rude/impatient/etc and don’t engage with any fake/competitor app (:
Just pass on information, screenshot forum posts and link where possible and yeah!

(if any of the staff would prefer this not be a thing, don’t hesitate to say so!)

that concludes my presentation


With the different fake v2 twitter accounts; I’m as nervous about a genuine community account being lost, as I am about it being mistaken for the others. I also think a good amount of people do know about the forums, but since you don’t have to be a user here to search and view Topics they may just glance.

Hmm, should I add something different to the bio/display to differentiate it from a fake v2 account? I’ve tried to tag the official v2 twitter and link the forum in most of the replies to steer them to a place where their likely to find the real answers

We had this same Topic among Experts a while ago. From what @dom said (i wish i could quote), its something that staff can’t really oversee. Anything can happen to it. I’m trying to get @kaden to respond so he can give you a more detailed answer he received.

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if a page/twitter is ran by members of the community, the information unfortunately can’t be sponsored, or legitimized by the V2 Staff or community staff because of the risk of miscommunication, or other liabilities that could come back to V2.

in the eyes of the community, i think it would be best to stick to the twitter that dom created; just to keep everything coming directly from the source.

i may have misinterpreted the post a bit, so let me know if i have and i’ll try to explain better :grin:


No, you explained it well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I totally get it!

As of now, all I’ve been doing mostly in the past few hours have been relaying dom’s update about an update to those who have been asking on twitter if there was any news/if V2 was still happening

I don’t know if that should be kept up with or like what? hahaha i’m fine with whatever! (: