V2 In-App tools

Onion skin/ghost image were the most useful, as I did a lot of stop motion. Focus/Target tool as well. Hoping they return. :v:t3:


Yeah great ideas. These would help tbh. Do those include in-app editing tools aswell?

Yeah that’s what they were in first app. The ghost was really useful for doing stop motion. Target butto was good for lighting. Etc.

In-app editing tools would be great to have included in V2 imo.

Also the feature where you could use another vines audio with your video - was v useful to create simple edits.

I’m just hoping android and iOS have the same features at the same time. By the time I was actually able to upload HD and 60fps video to vine, it was already announcing it would shut down. Plus it didn’t have the tool that would let you copy audio from songs or other vines