V2 in App Music Editing?

Just wondering if a feature with editing of music will be in V2? Or at least considered? I did stop motion music videos on v*ne but I had to make the vid on my phone, clip the music on my computer, plug my phone in to the computer and import the music clip, then rearrange the clips so it was at the right spot for the music… lots of work.

An in app music editor would make life so much easier on v2! hahaha!


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i know that you can reply but how do you post if you could help me that would be great thanks

like post a new thread?

Just click the subject, like the above “Ideas & Feature Requests” then on the right at about the middle of the screen you’ll see a “New Topic” button to click.

Thats what I’ve been saying! The processes needs an easier method! Check out what I’ve developed and proposed to @dom and the V2 staff.

Are we not allowed to put any music in our videos?