V2: idea badges

I thought the way of rewarding an artist for being active and hardworking is by giving them digital badges who unlock exclusive feauters
Project 10
A simple design of a basic and special badge


wouldn’t that be the same as a verified artist?

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Nice design but that idea was stated here!


As @jennifer said it started on another thread. I like your idea, it looks pretty good, you should take it to the other thread and see what people say about it.

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What about youtubers. I have 20k so could us small/big channel get a tag?

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thats sweet!!! my youtube also has 20k, whats your youtube?

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Just “Jmak”

No I had a diffrent Idea instead of being verified or like youtube play buttons
These badges are diffrent and they can be rewarded for multiple things like
Best child friendly content
Gaining your first 100k of followers
Being well behaved on the app
Etc. …


Ohhhh I love the idea! :blush:

was toying with the idea too. Love this. Maybe the badge system can be similar to what we have here on the V2 community :upside_down_face:

I love the idea but I think the little artist and the lines and everything would be a bit over the top for a badge :sweat_smile:

o damn thas also a good idea. have some sort of reward that’s also possible to see online. :star_struck:

That looks so cool. It would be a great reward and boost for small content creators!

I don’t know how many of you ever signed up for nick.com or cartoonnetwork.com when they had a very intense badge system, but the badge system was there to reward you for any significant achievement. Maybe on V2, we can have a badge for “First Vine”, “100 Loops”, “First 50 Followers/Supporters”, “First Revine”, etc. and things like that. It would be like a scout’s jacket decorated with pins, and when people visit your page, they can see how many badges you earned and why you earned them. I don’t know if it’s a great idea, but something similar could work, as long as people don’t turn it into a big blown-out competition (which the unreasonable lot would).

Just a thought :upside_down_face:

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