V2 icon I made


I am not the best drawer but it is just a little thing I did. Sorry if this was done already

Edit: can someone remake this on something like Photoshop? At school right now.


We all know patrick did it.

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HAHAH you got me dead. :skull:

It’s cool!

Its a great drawing sketch! Pay atention on school hahaha. They are a lot of people here that use photoshop soon or later they will came one to pass your draw to photoshop

It was a study period

I was joking

I know…

I like the concept of 2 On V that resembles V2.

For separation’s sake, a re-branding should try to have the least resemblance to the old vine app. However, for temporary logo it’s a great sketch!

yeah. I see your point.

jajaj ajajjajaja jajaja.

That’s a great logo drawing.:blush:

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Ooooo I see what u did there! Great design concept. Simple yet fun

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Love it, like the V there

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Thanks for all the feedback