V2 groupchat

If i made a group chat on Groupme would anyone join?


A new groupchat? Okay, sure!
IG:- @bhat_skanda
Snap:- @skanda.en :blush:

I haven’t been added to any of the existing ones maybe because they’re at capacity but groupme doesn’t have a limit really.

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Add me Bro

I leave all my social network because i dont know in which one want to create :joy:

:instagram: @ThomyBalca
:twitter: @ElTho17
:snapchat: thomasbalcabao

Add me

Snapchat: datguynixon
Instagram: _4hmad4166 _
Twitter: _4hMaD4166 _

Sure I’ll join :slight_smile:

Twitter = AwesomeSaucer9

Add Me?

IG - addieismael_
Snap - addieismael
Twitter- AddieIsmael