V2 group - Looking

I’m thinking about creating a v2 group/team. (Examples: Team 10, Faze Clan, Vlog Squad, Clout gang, etc…)

The group would participate in promoting eachother’s content, and collaborating. Spots would probably be very limited (No more than 10-12 people in it).

I’m looking for people who are serious about the app and would want to make entertaining their full time career.

~ Looking for people who are aiming to consistently post around 4-5 times a week (consistency is key)
~ Looking for people who are funny (of course)
~ Looking for people who are serious about entertaining
~ Looking for people who are fine with working on group projects and solo projects.

This group isn’t confirmed, however I just wanted to see how many people and who the people were that would be up for joining a serious group if there were to be one made.


I’m everything but funny. So rip me


I am very interested. I think I can check all of those boxes.

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I’d like this! I want to collaborate, however my problem is how everyones going to collaborate when we’re so far

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This is a good point, I’m sure sOmething might be able to work out

Phone call Videos…I did a collaboration like that once

I’m interested !! starting early sounds like a great idea

changed category to promote yourself

Interesting idea. I’d be very interested in something like this.