V2 greedy people

Something I noticed on vine was that people became greedy for followers and money. That’s something I see with some of the people waiting for V2. There’s nothing wrong with becoming rich and famous for quality content, but I’m just nervous that the fame will get to peoples heads like some of the old viners


Sadly this is something we cannot change. Thank you for pointing this out though.

The money change the people

Not always. My parents made a lot of money but still keep their dignities

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You’re honestly missing the point. The point is that I’m warning people to not get carried away because it will only end badly. Not complaining, just warning.

Yes, iam generalizing, not all are alike

Can we really make money off v2

Im actually super scared about that too even for myself actually. Never in a million years would I think I would become number greedy but I’m afraid of it happening. Guess I’m gonna have to keep a cool mind on V2 and hope people call me out when I get out of line.

I just joined the forums and immediately noticed this. I’d like to have more conversations with artists looking to create more original content, instead of just talking about how to get famous really fast.

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Awesome point! But I try to stay as humble as possible throughout my achievements. :100:

Bless your soul. Thank you for being so humble. I can’t wait to see what kind of content you create :grin:

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Money really does change the way people behaves

this happens ive seen a lot of my partners change over the course of their careers once they get a large number of following, it is bound to happen