V2 for Kids

I want to credit @jordannn for giving me this idea, it wasn’t the focus for their thread as they stated a clarification in it which you can find here but it certainly gave me an idea I don’t think anyone has talked about.

What do you think about a v2 for Kids app just for kids by the kids, kind of like that YouTube Kids or Facebook Messenger for Kids app.


V2 will most likely be for 13+ and some underage children can fake their age so making it for kids doesn’t really make any difference. However, once the v2 app is released and it’s been a few years/months after Dom should think about the idea.

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I think it shouldn’t come out until the app is atleast a year old, maybe not at all and just have restriction mode for children.

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Like I said here previously

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I don’t think there is a set legal age for social media use. Most apps have it set to 13+, but that’s not the lowest age.

Yeah there is a legal set age. It is 13 years old.


Ohh okay, for the US. Didn’t know, from the UK.

musical.ly was for 13+ and, like, most of musical.ly’s users were not over 13.

I do not like the idea, social networks should not be for children. They go through their childhood stage and when they grow up they use social networks but not before