V2 for Good: Making a difference

Hi community-

Just giving a quick shout to see if there are any creators out there that either work in charity, social good, or other areas? I’ve worked in and around the United Nations for quite a while and I know vine was a personal favorite of many of the creators and social media pros there. Would people like to see a bit of that in 6 second form? Any ideas from the crowd would be great as I prep for what’s to come!

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I do a lot of social working through my school and outside school and I was hoping to do activism and stuff while posting other stuff

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I’ve done volunteer work. It’s not something I do on a daily basis, but I love it when I do it.

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One thing I like to do is buy meals for anyone I see inquiring for anything while I’m driving so that could be something! If I see someone, I’ll drive to the nearest fast food restaurant (or any restaurant really), get a meal and drive back to give it to them so that’s one idea to do (:

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i do volunteer work whenever i can and i keep a stack of individual dollar and five dollar bills in the glovebox of my car for those people i see on the side of the highway or streets.

it’s not much, but better to do something than nothing. i really wish i could do more.

i would definitely like to see that. it’s a great way to spread awareness or to give others ideas on how they can volunteer their time.

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I think if done right there could be a “random acts of kindness” trend that spreads around V2, it would be super cool to see the artists you love doing something nice like that!


Yes! Seeing charity and random acts of kindness on v2 would be the coolest thing ever.

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That’s an awesome idea that I hope would catch on someday. Kindness can be entertaining too.

Instead of pranking strangers (which is more often than not way over-the-top - I’m looking at you, YouTube), a trend for spreading kindness is what the world needs right now.


Omg yess…

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I think V2 would be good platform to spread awareness for animals seeking adoption! and maybe include contact information and shelter location alongside a cute animal clip :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea Parkachu. Social media can and has been a polarizing thing and there’s always quite a bit of negativity. A random acts of kindness channel would be a pretty rad alternative!

Also activism is definitely expanding and having a social good space for them on v2 could definitely be attractive.