V2 for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This is definitely something to be considered! I recently saw posts on Twitter about the visually impaired and adding “image descriptions” and I think it would be great to see that with v2 too. Maybe it could be something that could be selected in accessibility/interface settings?

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yeah that’s exactly the same tweet that made me think of this!

I think being as inclusive as possible is the way to go. Here for captions and image descriptions.

But unfortunately, the creators have to be dedicated to this too in order for it to be successful. On YouTube, a lot of people just rely on the auto-generated captions, which are most times pretty terrible.


I’m really hoping for some sort of captioning option for the app. Like @BratKneeD said it’s going to take dedication on the creators end, but luckily in this case we’re dealing with only seconds of video. Hopefully people will be more likely to caption since it takes so much less time.


Great idea. It would also help creators who speak ‘foreign’ languages get more recognised in the international community.

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As it’s been stated above, captions would be beneficial for MANY different parties. This would help give international users an ability to connect with the widest audience possible since, translations permitting, you could enjoy basically any video you watched on the app. Not sure how good the tech is, but there could be auto generated caption and an option to manually type it in and then the device of the user would translate the captions to their preferred language.

While complex, this feature would alleviate the issue that This comment brings up.

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I second this

I know twitter allows users to add caption that explain what’s in a photograph for blind users, and I always like to take the time to add them (which I just saw someone above mentioned too). I think that would be a great addition! I know I would take the time to add captions if it was doable!

I am actually hard of hearing, but I can hear without my hearing aids. Idk maybe for the fully deaf people it would be beneficial, but I personally am OK without subtitles

itd be dope and easier to implement subtitles into 6-7 seconds videos sooo y not