V2 Features and Editing

Hello again everyone! (Had to edit, this posted without me writing anything)

I wanted to make a follow-up post instead of a reply because I wanted to discuss a few things.
This will be directly referring to this post made by @arf in Hold back on V2 features for a bit?

So here it is:

In terms of the features ( by features, I am referring to both in-app parts as well as editing.) that V2 could possibly own, I feel as though too many features are what bring down the value of an app. It becomes too confusing and means more work will have to be done such as tutorials for every single feature etc. I’m sure that everyone agrees that the great thing about V1 was the simplicity of it. By this I mean, the creativity wasn’t from the number of features there were in the editor for people to use but instead, the creators were the features.

I am assuming that V2 is supposed to work similar to V1 only fixing and improving the mistakes learned from it. With that in mind, I guess it is fair to class V2 as a video entertainment app. With that being said, is there really any need for there to be so many features?

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Basic features of V2 that are available to everyone when they open the app should be the typical feed along with “Like”, “Follow”, “Revine”, “Comment and Reply” , “Flag/Report”, “Share” and a "Loop count (almost like views)
    With simple features like this, it can reduce the competitiveness of the app and reduce negativity if things such as dislike options aren’t introduced. As well as this, it would become too similar to YouTube which may even drive people away from the app if they believe that V2 is a knock-off YT
  2. There should be an option (like a banner at the bottom of the users’ screen similar to the old Instagram which has symbols for options such as “My Profile/Portal”, "Record" and “Trending/Explore page”. These are all pretty similar to the old V1 but I just wanted to write it out. That way, from your profile you can see your following, your followers and maybe even stats or keeping it simple, the view count and bio + profile pic and name.
  3. With the editor features, can we not keep it simple for the ACTUAL app and instead keep it to Pause, Playback, Reverse feature, Slow down/Speed up, Record, Watermark, and an upload from the gallery? Instead of putting all these text fonts and filters etc, why not leave it to the artists to make their content in a separate app e.g. Adobe after effects (which many use for Fan edits and Gifs) but be able to upload it to V2. The problem with uploading, however, there may be a lot of reposting issues which could be hard to control.
  4. Verification - How will this be dealt with, will there be an algorithm of some sort or a requirement to get verified? In my opinion, I don’t believe that artists and creators on other platforms should be automatically verified. It’s a new app without bias, everybody should have an opportunity to build from the beginning together, what are your opinions?
  5. I also wanted to link this, talking about V2 sound effects V2 Sound Effects? This is actually really cool. Maybe we could have popping sounds every time you refresh or a whoosh every time you upload a v*ne.

There are more things to say but I might link another post since this is getting long.
Feel free to input ideas or criticism!


Hey! Can you re-name the title and change the genre? It’s a bit misleading.

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Hi, sorry I accidentally posted it before I could write anything and forgot how to delete it! I’ve posted the relevant info under the post now :smile:

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Thanks and no worries :joy:

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honestly agreed

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Thanks! :heart:

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i thought of a name suggestion which could fix that:

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wow you really have great ideas, yet we already know that we will not have filters (like unicorns, dogs, etc …) it would be interesting to NOT add songs, musical.ly users will have to use the v2 and this is right and has no problem about that, but if you can put music on your v2 video will become something bad with beautiful people with a huge ego and annoying children :what:
I really hope your ideas are used in v2, the application has to be lightweight to be supported on various smartphones :heh:


I follow what your saying, but i strongly agree on #4 about verification, they should work to get their verification like everyone else to make it even for everyone


Thank you so much! And yeah, I honestly believe that adding too many features will lead the app to become the second music.ly and the demand for new features as well as updates will be an issue. Thanks for your input!


I agree with you. The app shouldn’t be too complex, otherwise it would just become too similar to other social media out there and less likely to succeed overall


Some people don’t have access to direct video editing though, so I think that a trim and paste tool could be helpful. also this is the first time i’ve ever used bold woohoo me :grinning:


Trimming 6 second videos isn’t really necessary seeing as you will already be stopped when the time is up or can use the pause button to stop recording when needed. Also, there are lots of free apps in Play stores and App stores so there will always be access

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will there be a rev*ne

Yes but not under that name

ok cheers