V2 editor idea

So i already posted here about the the built-in Vine editor and what you guys think the features it will have. Here is an idea that came to my mind, tell me what you think:
Similar to how Snapchat has those filters that change almost daily or weekly (not sure) i was thinking that it would be cool to have something like that in the Vine editor but more focused on some trending memes or stuff, or some effects that are cool they put on like a “weekly challenge” where we all make a Vine but include that meme or effect in our vine and just put a hastag when we post the vine (each new effect has its own hastag) and each week a new effect comes, and a new challenge and also the best vine that pulled of the previous effect the best or that was the funniest wins some sort of a shoutout or a badge or something? Or gets posted on the featured wall maybe? I dont know, lemme know what yall think about this idea. I think its kind of similar to what Instagram is doing with their weekly challenges on their pages but more focused on humor of course :smiley:


Definitely an interesting idea but I think if they had rotating filters and what not it would make it hard to put out consistent content especially if whatever filter or effect you want to use is not there when you need it…

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Ye but i actually think that the point, to have like a game with users so each week a new filter comes (maybe they don’t even need to delete the previous one) and challenge the users to make vines using that filter.

Dom already confirmed on his twitter that there will be no filters, face filters, or geo filters

Source : https://twitter.com/dhof/status/946871052818440194

EDIT : Added Source

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I wasn’t think to like dog filters or something like that, rather to some effects (example: the popular effect on youtube where the camera starts zooming the face, video turns black and white, that horible music plays and the words “they think ur fine but ur not fine” or smth like that). There are alot of effects like that, that i think would be cool to make weekly and make like a challenge for content creators to use that effevt in their vines and the best vine gets a shoutout or something. Similar to how Instagram makes weekly photography challenges.