V2 editing status?

Hey not sure where this would go but what is the status of editing for V2 if there will be any editing software pre-installed. Would there be some sort of opportunity/ability to edit directly on the app or would it be done via a different editing software from the PC or iOS (e.g. iMovie)? Also was really excited to see Dom officially create and announce the official V2 twitter account. Looking forward to what the future has for V2 and its community! Thanks everyone for making such a great community with lots of positivity.

P.s. I only ask about this due to the insufficient knowledge of the prior Vine app. Huge fan but never installed the app nor attempted to become a creator.

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Changed to General Discussion. I think there might be a little editing in between recording and posting. Like trimming, adding other videos to the timeline and possibly filters.

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Thanks for the info!

Yeah, check this out:

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I think that in V2 it wouldn’t be the chance to edit, in the app

Can you elaborate please?

They wouldn have an option inside the app for editing

There have been many requests for an editing option inside the app, so I’d be surprised if they didn’t at least consider it. A feature like this is, I imagine, relatively complex… so it might not be something they have right away. But never say never! :upside_down_face:

Try typing “edit” in the search bar on the top right of the screen & see what ideas some other users have come up with!

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@ash Hey there Ash! I mean like I said there are many editing software available for edited vines for those who edit tiny bits into a 6-second video which is just crazy to think about. I mean how are they able to do it… I digress. If it comes to that for me as I plan to become a creator hopefully I can easily use iMovie or the basic editing that computers software seeing that 6-second videos are not comparable to 10-minute videos that other services provide for the viewer such as YouTube but I got off topic again. My message clearly being explained to you I thank you sincerely for your input and hope to see what content you will offer if you plan to be a creator.

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I hope there would be an editor, a simple one would be fine too, just for trimming

there is and there will be i suppose…